Elevated Design Source

In 2018, we embarked on a creative journey by establishing our art gallery and gift shop with a distinct vision – to showcase the vibrant talent of Louisiana artists and businesses, making their unique products more accessible to the community. Over the years, our commitment to promoting Louisiana creativity led us to evolve, and we ventured into creating our own art reproductions in collaboration with Louisiana artists and creatives. This all happened in the back of our studio located in Shreveport, Louisiana. A small wholesale company was born in April 2021 bearing our retail business name. This endeavor allowed us to extend our reach throughout the southern US region and spread our love of the art, artists and creatives that reflect the rich cultural tapestry of our region. As our passion for artistic expression continued to grow, so did our aspirations. In pursuit of a broader reach, we expanded our wholesale operations into a small warehouse and launched Elevated Design Source in January of 2024. This will enable us to connect with an even larger audience and share the diverse and inspiring creations that emanate from our studio. Our journey is a celebration of art, innovation, and the vibrant spirit of Louisiana, and we look forward to continuing this creative journey in hopes that you will join us along the way.